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Energy Alignment



An Energy Alignment is done to clear away energies that are blocking things to move forward or causing issues for success of the business or people in the space. Disruptive energies are moved, integrated and healed and more positive helpful energy is grounded into the space. Crystal grids are laid to amplify the positive good energy for greater support and prosperity.

As an energy conduit Ashley has the ability to feel, see, describe energies within spaces. Through tools she has gained after ten plus years of studying her gift she has learned how to shift this energy into alignment aiding the space’s higher purpose creating a feeling of lightness, calm, clarity and groundedness.

Release previous or unwanted energy and replace it with your own.

Moving into a new home or office?
Even though we can’t see the remnants of energy owned by previous owners and tenants it does exist and from Ashley’s experience does not move on when the home or office owner or tenant leaves.

Why is this a concern? 
Most people moving into new offices or residences are not aware of the lingering remnants of energy; good, bad or indifferent from the previous owner.  Why would you want to take on other peoples' energy?  Of course not.  Why not invite your own energy to consume your home or office space that is fresh, welcoming and comforting?

Some of the lingering unwelcomed and disruptive energies that may remain could be:

· Energy stored on land or surrounding areas.
· Energy holding past traumas, personal or professional stress, negative coworkers, painful moments, breakups, grief from passing of loved ones or illness. 

These energies can impact the quality of peace that can be felt within your home or office.

Alternatively, an Energy Alignment may be something to do in order to enhance some of the positive energies you want to prepare for or amplify for example:

· Welcoming a new baby into the world
·  Blending of a family into one home
· Moving in with your significant other
· Launching a new division of your business
· Brining on a new employee

Some welcomed lingering energies that may remain after an Energy Alignment could be:

· Unconditional love
· Happy and vibrant energy
· Successful outcomes
· Peace and Harmony
· Deep sense of calm
· Feeling of a fresh start


Ashley can detect these disruptive energies and with the client’s permission release the unwelcomed energies and welcome the energies that will add tremendous value to new and successful experiences going forward.

Once the space has been aligned, Ashley will set a crystal grid to amplify the new positive energy for greater continued support and prosperity.


Praise from clients :

I had Ashley come in and complete an Office Energy Alignment as my office was going through a transition.  Both myself and my staff noticed a shift in energy around focus and intention. 

-Karen, CEO Fairway Divorce 2018


In 2016, I engaged Ashley to do a Home Energy Alignment.  Since then Ashely visits my home every six months to complete a Home Energy Alignment Amplification. Until I experienced her work, I never realized how amazing and significant the shift and results could be. Not only did I notice a definite and positive shift but also visitors entering the space immediately remark on how wonderful, positive, peaceful and welcoming my home feels.  From my experience, and what I learned from Ashley, energy can get stuck in your home from past events.  This stuck energy does impact the space and the people in the space often inhibiting them from moving forward in their life.  If you feel your home or business needs an energy shift, I highly recommend Ashely's Energy Alignment services. 

-Lynn, Professional Consultant 2018


I had the pleasure of having Ashley do an Energy Alignment of my massage office.  She cleansed and moved the crystals I already had in the room into places that greatly helped both energy flow and allowed for my clients' releases to no loner get stuck in the space.  The room feels more peaceful and has better lighting.  The whole room has felt lighter, even a few months later.  I highly recommend Ashley, she is a very calming presence.

- Megan, Massage and Craniosacral Therapist 2016


My experience with Ashley's Home Energy Alignment service was amazing! I didn't even realize the difference it could make in my home with a couple of simple changes. Even my sister noticed, causing a huge shift in the energy in our home in all ways; even our relationship. We went from living in a hostile house with the windows closed all the time to a cozy, welcoming, and bright space that my sister and I enjoy immensely. Thank you Ashely!

 - Annie, Yoga Teacher and Business Owner 2016


I meet Ashley about one year ago through a recommendation from a friend. I asked her to come to do a home clearing. Ashley was professional and I could tell right away she was reliable. We made arrangements via email and texting which was very convenient.  When she came we sat for a few minutes and talked about me and my life. I put on a positive act but I was really going through some depression and dealing with big disappointment. Ashley explained what she was going to do and she started by smudging me. During the smudge I was moved to tears, it opened me up. It felt amazing! That alone was worth the appointment! Then Ashley started working through my home. She was non-intrusive as she worked. At the end she made some suggestions to move some items and furniture around; she did a good job of explaining why and I got excited! I started feeling alive for the first time in weeks. By the end I told her that I physically felt my heart had opened up again! It as the last thing I was expecting from a home clearing session! 

My story gets better, my mom called at the end of the session and I told her about Ashley and my mom wanted to try a home clearing as well! The timing this was a unbelievable, I was so surprised because I have tried for years to get her to try energy work (I grew up in a traumatic home environment). Ashley was willing to do this last minute. We quickly made arrangements, she rushed to find a place to buy more crystals and we meet at my moms house. She was super kind and respectful with my mom. While she was smudging my childhood home, my sisters came over and Ashley was so accommodating and smudged them as well! At the end one of my sister's asked if she could come to her home the next day and Ashley agreed to help her as well! She is unbelievably generous and a truly genuine and caring person! 

A great miracle happened after Ashley did my parents house, their relations between each other (my Mom and Dad) became better than literally ever !  I grew up in a unhealthy home environment, it was mostly because of their fighting. My mom said that after the clearing and smudging; they did not have one fight and got along better than ever (over 40years)! I'll never forget hearing those words. It brought me deep healing and I am forever grateful to Ashley for that! She is a blessing and has an AMAZING GIFT. She changes lives!

- Sabina, Corporate Professional 2015