Digital Detox


In today’s world we spend way too much time in containers, whether that be our offices, apartments, homes, computer screens, smart phones, cars the list goes on. The health impact of living in what I call a “container culture” is contributing to increased anxiety, stress and negative health impacts from our over stimulated culture. One great tool to help restore balance and peace to our bodies and nervous systems is to spend time outside connecting to the wisdom of our natural world. Science has shown that by spending time in our natural world we can literally ground our energy, feel more clear, energized, calm, peaceful and full of life.

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Ashley facilitates this process through ecopyscholgy tools she has learned that help re-connect us to the support of our natural world. This process is done by going out into nature and learning simple tools that will help you calm your mind, nervous system and experience deep sustained peace. The tools that are taught can be utilized anywhere and are designed to be incorporated into your daily life. One digital detox session can be very power as Ashley will take you out into nature and facilitate nature re-connection exercises. Nature connection facilitation includes quiet contemplation, peaceful expression, and restorative communication practices both with ourselves, each other and mother earth.  

What to expect from a Digital Detox experience? 

·  Learning to access the support of our living systems around us to cultivate joy, peace, tranquility and balance within your daily life
·   Transformative nature engagement activities that awaken your connection to our Mother Earth
·    The re-building of your personal relationship to the greater web of life
·    A grounded charged energetic system
·    Learning to listen and communicate with others from a place of the heart
·    Nature Connection tools and exercises to take with you and use in your daily life and natural envrionments 

Digital Detox is offered in a retreat, and private session format. Please contact Ashley directly to learn more.