Growing Whole offers a proven light touch therapy that alleviates stress, empty’s a busy mind, relieves migraine headaches, regenerates damaged cells caused by a concussion, calms the nervous system, delivers deep peace that contributes to greater focus, stress tolerance and sustained calm. Growing Whole’s other services include deep emotion release processing, nature connection facilitation "digital detox", personal energetic alignment (reiki) and the energetic alignment of homes and workspaces.  Growing Whole was founded in 2011 by Ashley Eden and continues to work throughout Western Canada.


Praise about Growing Whole: 

I have to admit that I was a little bit skeptical about whether craniosacral could help me, especially after having a negative experience with a different practitioner. But I'm so glad I gave it another chance—Ashley works magic!

Ashley made me feel completely comfortable, safe, and supported. She communicated with me clearly about what I could expect from the session and answered all my questions. I came to the session in a lot of pain due to an intense migraine. Not much helps when I'm in the middle of a migraine, but cranial did! As Ashely worked on me, my whole body relaxed more and more. My muscles began to release and my body felt like it was melting. I experienced a deep and profound sense of stillness, calm, and relaxation.

At the end of the session I was so refreshed and felt like I'd just had a full body massage. My debilitating migraine had lessened to a minor headache, and I was ready to take on the day. 

I strongly recommend Ashley for anyone with migraines, chronic pain, chronic stress, or for anyone going through a difficult life change. She has a beautiful energy and presence and will nurture your body's ability to heal.

-Larissa, Yoga Teacher 2018

Completing an Intensive with Ashley was life changing for me. I highly recommend her services. I have now hired her as my personal wellness consultant and the changes that have happened in my life throughout this year are postiviley unbelievable. Thank you Ashley! 

- Crystal, Account Executive 2018


After a serious motorcycle accident and head trauma I got in contact with Ashley for her professional help. Through a series of treatments I found two distinct different changes in my symptoms; my pain and my neurological symptoms drastically lessened. I continue today to find find relief in Ashley's care with occasional treatments. I have a renewed appreciation for craniosacral therapy and am grateful for Ashley's intuitive treatment. 

- Ian, Massage Therapist 2018


Craniosacral Therapy with Ashley Eden has been a healing experience for myself and my infant daughter. While pregnant, the treatments reduced anxiety and helped to manage morning sickness. My daughter’s digestion improved, and she has maintained a calm demeanour and regular sleep schedule since she began therapy with Ashley. I highly recommend this unique and effective service for both moms and babies. 

- Jesi, Designer 2018


Receiving craniosacral therapy from Ashley is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing experience. She has a very sensitive, compassionate and caring approach, and a strong intuition about the body combined with an excellent communication style that puts me at ease and makes me feel informed about what she is doing as she treats me. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is curious about craniosacral therapy and would like to experience its deep relaxation benefits. 

-Lindsay, Educational Manager 2018


After a session with Ashley a deep sense of calm washes over me and I am able to find the strength to have the tough conversations.

-Merima, Energy Executive 2018


A session with Ashley is comparable to being hooked up to a morphine drip.

-Shannon , Financial Executive 2017


Before seeing Ashley for craniosacral therapy I suffered from intense migraines up to 5 times a week. I was considering taking extreme invasive measures for relief and instead decided to try a session with Ashley. After only two sessions with Ashley my migraines decreased in severity and frequency going from up to 5 a week to only 2-3 over a three-week period. I also slept better felt more rested and myself. I would highly recommend anyone suffering from migraines to see Ashley for craniosacral therapy. 

-Rolanda, Professional Hair Colourlist, 2016


I have been a client of Ashley’s for several years.  As a mother of four children and running a very successful consulting practice Ashley has been my refuge in calming down my busy brain. After a session, my mind is clearer, I am able to gain perspective, I feel re-energized and centred.  Having regular sessions has benefited me when dealing with challenging mental and emotional situations. I would highly recommend Ashley and her craniosacral abilities.

-Janet, Executive Consultant 2016


Dealing with major stress, anxiety, and depression from overwhelming responsibilities and undervalued achievements at work, along with personal relationship issues, someone recommended that I visit Ashley in Vancouver for a series of sessions. After just receiving my first treatment my anxiety decreased significantly, so much so that I could not remember the last time I felt that centred and relieved mentally. I would highly recommend Ashley to my, friends, family members, colleagues and corporate professionals in dealing with stress, anxiety and depression.

-Daniel, Financial Manager 2016


When Ashley first talked to me about craniosacral therapy, I was curious but not really expecting much... But after just one session with Ashley, I felt re-energized and much more limber (a two-week old kink in my neck was suddenly gone). It was such a calming and relaxing experience - it felt like I had slept for hours. Here is the interesting part... since I've had my first session, I'm sleeping much better & longer! And yes, my neck is still kink-free!!

Call Ashley. She is an expert in this stuff. But her true gift is her soothing and nurturing mannerism that'll take you on an amazing healing ride and return you safely back 'home'.

-Sam,  Financial Planner 2016


Due to a sports related injury I have dealt with chronic upper back and head problems. The multi-hands treatment from Ashley provided me great relief and helped me to function in my daily life. It was a deeply healing and relaxing experience for both the mind and body. Two sets of hands gave me a more full body sensation. I highly recommend multi-hands craniosacral treatment whether for recovery from an injury, managing pain, or simply maintaining health.

- Kai, Professional Hockey Player 2016  


I learned about craniosacral therapy through a friend, who had received some therapy from Ashley. She raved about how she felt like a new person and how it had helped her on many different levels. At the time I had been under some stress at work and having dizzy spells, which was uncommon for me. I decided to book an appointment, even though I didn’t really understand how it worked. I appreciated that during my first session Ashley explained what craniosacral therapy was and also took the time to get to know me and my history. The most immediate thing I noticed was a deep relaxation. As I continued with the sessions, chronic neck pain that I had suffered with for years began to melt away. I felt my body was in a healthier state and I always felt reenergized after every session. I also started to notice a new inner peace and confidence within me. I am very grateful to Ashley for getting my body and mental state to a more optimal and balanced place. I highly recommend Ashley for craniosacral therapy. 

-Elena, Communications Specialist 2014


I wanted to thank you for our session last week. After I saw you, there has been quite the shift for me, primarily with how I view and value myself. Towards the end of our session I started seeing what I can do for and give to myself to meet my own needs instead of feeling lost, helpless, and overwhelmed. 

I now feel like my goals are possible to achieve. Thank you! 

-Ania, Yoga Teacher 2014


After working with Ashley for 4 months I've noticed an ability to see things and deal with things in a more positive way. I've noticed a growing ability to see myself and my abilities /characteristics in a much more positive light. I have been able to really appreciate the time I spend alone instead of seeing it as a negative thing. I have been able to attract a lot of wonderful things and experiences into my life because of this work. 

-Katie, Special Needs Teacher 2014  


I saw Ashley for four sessions of craniosacral therapy. The sessions themselves were extremely relaxing and the results were significant. I had suffered from IBS for most of my life and after working with Ashley my symptoms declined dramatically. I would highly recommend Ashley to other people suffering from IBS or in need of rest, relaxation and care.”

-Maryam, Registered Midwife 2013